L’histoire d’une rencontre

Richard Petit and Véronique Bajan met in 1992 and joined five years later. Their life is marked by their heritage, by nurtured opportunities, of thoughtful encounters and the desire to continue the work of their predecessors.

1999, the first parcel

Before succeeding his parents, Richard Petit worked 11 “ares” 18 of vines. Then, a gradual increase in size of vineyards when Véronique allowed the operation to flourish with the addition of over three additional hectares in 2011 of classified Grand Cru.

2004, the genesis of the project

While they are not yet aware themselves, their project takes shape… Véronique and Richard make a first acquaintance and many others to follow, which will eventually lead to great friendship and they are source of the reflections that created their craft.

The taste of the House…

The detailed research, the judgment by the feeling and mood, lead them to wonder about the taste of their House style. This introduces a new approach: they seek pleasure and thoughtfulness in shaping their wine…

December 31, 2008: the moment they knew…

It is on this day that the program of tasting the different champagnes of Avize definitively revealed to Véronique and Richard, a great wine can be created through the quality of their terroir.

The thought process was a long journey. Continued discussions, thoughts and analysis taken into the projections. To deliver the product they desire, they go further to remove small defects, working the vines with more finesse… Véronique and Richard are ever aware that the combination of small details makes all the difference. Their wine is pure and it pleases them first.

Champagne Petit & Bajan today unveiled three wines: Nuit Blanche, Ambrosia and Nymphéa